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I own a 2012 Cruze. First sign of problem was lack of heat. Next the fan kept running- very loud, then the overheat light came on. This happened within 3-4 week time span. When the light came on (and then went off), I called the dealer and asked for the coolant to be flushed and replaced. The dealer took me in the day that I called, which surprised me because the weather called for a major snow storm. While I waited, the service tech came to me and said the water pump needed to be replaced and that it was covered under a special warranty. (The car is out of warranty- over 5 years and 66,000 miles but I did not question it!). The dealer provided me a loaner car and told me it would be done at the end of the day. It was. I like the cruze. I am disappointed that it needed such a repair at such low miles, but I found the dealer to be exceptionally accommodating. I also should have had the coolant system checked earlier, so that is on me. I am posting this so that others will know this is a common problem with this car. I did not know it until checking it out after my issue. Good luck all.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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