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well like I was saying, you can blow a sub two ways. thermal overload, or mechanical overload.
1000rms is referring to the thermal handling of the sub.

you fall into the mechanical category. the thermal rating is just irrelevant in this case.

even if it did fall into the thermal category, as stated above, you can still damage your sub if set up improperly.

my subs are 1000continuous as well. even on 700continuous, they are limited mechanically in my enclosure.

( the enclosure plays a large role in this as well. which is why I was asking about tuning frequency etc)
take note that when xtreme says to over power you would rarely actually be doing so.
if you were to throw a 2100watt amp on your sub, this doesn't mean you feed it 2100watts. having an amplifier that can do it though greatly reduces the chances of feeding your sub a clipped signal. which is where the thermal rating comes into play.
Thanks for the clarification. I should have been a bit more specific with regard to "overpowering." I do know the box is tuned somewhere in the high 20s and is pretty well packed with fiberglass. I don't remember the exact dimensions.
241 - 242 of 242 Posts
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