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It was not uncommon for the 2011-early 12, and sometimes later models, to crack a piston at the ringlands.

Ask for them to do a compression test and provide you with the results before you authorize them taking your engine apart. And ask how many the tech working on the car has actually done. Lots have had a piston or two lopped in that broke, and are still driving their cars today. A small handful had more unpleasant experiences.
This is very true its not uncommon at all. You know OP my Cruze had oil coming down on the passenger area like you are mentioning they changed the throttle body they changed the PCV trying to fix the problem, they was unsuccessful in repairing the final diagnosis found broken ring lands on #2 & #4 pistons - so they rebuilt my engine & 1 week later - melted intake. Then complete engine replacement.

I am not saying this is your issue - but unfortunately you may be experiencing the same dreaded piston issue. - But be sure to update us all on your progress & your outcome w/ GM & good luck!
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