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Hi Blancmange,

We’re very sorry to learn of this concern with your Cruze, and can understand your feelings of concern. Although we are not able to provide you any technical feedback, we’d be happy to stand as an additional layer of assistance. If interested, please send us a private message at your earliest convenience.

Chevrolet Customer Care
GM really needs to get on the stick with this problem and do a recall or provide extra coverage like the water pump. This hasn't happened to me but this will probably be the reason I don't buy another GM.

To the OP please report this problem to the NHTSA. Seems like we are getting more and more of this piston ring problem and something needs to be done about the problem.

Here is the link:

Owners should not have to cover a manufacturing defect and we shouldn't have to beg GM and dealer to cover it when it happens outside of warranty.
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