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I had a hard time deciding what tint to put on the rear windows after talking to people and hearing how they can't see out the back at night. I knew I wanted something darker than 20% on the back seat passenger windows because thats about the factory tint on my wifs Edge and it isn't dark enough to keep the sun out of my sons eyes.

So after going back and forth in my mind I went with 38% on the front (the legal max in MO), 5% on the back seat side glass and 18% on the rear glass.

I was concerned that it would be very obvious from the outside but it isn't at all. It blends and looks great. The fact that the rear side glass is 5% makes the rear glass look much darker than it is from outside but I still have great night time visability from the inside.

I would highly recomend this set up for those that are concerned about gping to dark on the rear glass. I think it looks great.

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