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Happy new -16

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Hi all.
I'm new at using forums but i'll try my best.
First of, i'm from Sweden with a family of 4 kids and my wife.
I'm operating an excavator for a living 5 days a week, and for hobby i enjoy having fun with large scale RC 1:5 petrol cars (HPI & Losi), Simulator games like farming, konstruktion and trucking, and ofc spend time with my family.

Real cars we have 3.

VW Golf MK1 1980
Renault Kangoon XL 2005
Chevrolet Transport 2001 (aka Venture in the states i think)

/Fredrik N盲rstrand
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Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to CruzeTalk.
Ha, one of my son's was into RC cars but electric, his German Shepherd dog would chase it and bite the tires causing a bit of damage.

Maybe if he went petrol, would be much faster, so could outrun his dog.

So how is life in Sweden? Wisconsin has our share of Swedish settlements,ya, ya, LOL.
nice to meet you and happy new year.!!
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