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Hard Downshift Auto 1.4

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Hello all. A lot of good info on here. This is my first post, i joined to get some answers. So i bought a used LT Cruze 19k on it. 1.4 automatic. When coming to stop i feel the car down shift pretty hard. Almost like its using an engine break mechanism through each gear. Upshift not a problem only downshifting and the problem is enhanced when stopping from a higher rate of speed. I took it in 3 days after i bought it as its under warranty and the service team said Nothing was wrong that the car has to "learn" my driving pattern. Does anyone else experience this issue? Thanks in advance
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Noticeable deceleration when coming down through the gears is fairly normal for the 6-speed autos from most manufacturers. These days, the torque converters stay locked in gear on down through 2nd or 3rd, which couples the engine directly to the trans. As a result, they "engine brake" a lot more than the old 4 speed autos that would sometimes use the TC to decouple when the gas pedal was released.

If you're not getting an abrupt jerk or thump as it goes through the gears, I wouldn't worry about it.
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