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Hardwiring a radar detector

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Has anyone done this, if so, how...
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Gave up on these, hidden cameras, laser is way too late with a cop hidden behind a tree, so threw in the towel and set my cruise to 2 mph.

Both work on the principle of a Doppler shift reflected signal is hetrodyned with the reference frequency for an absolute value, was even ticketed for driving under the speed limited, but can't argue with the justice of the peace, also have a cosine error. Better ones determine if the frequency is higher or lower than the reference frequency, higher, you are speeding.

Hitting the brakes if spotted really skyrockets that absolute value for even a higher ticket, just telling it the way it is.

Have a 9 band Cobra, removed that long power cord with that cigar adapter and replaced it with a short cord with a DC power plug on in, the kind you have on your laptop, short mate to the lighted mirror in the visor, operates off of 12V.
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