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Has Anyone Installed an Aftermarket Radio in a 2014 Cruze?

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Hi Guys. I have a kit to install a double din radio in my 14 Cruze but it won't work properly. It either doesn't come on at all or it comes on when the car is off. Depends on the ground wire being connected or not connected to the radio chassis.

Any thoughts?
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Welcome to the forums. What kit is it and are you a non mylink radio?
try double checking wiring. that seems to be the issue.
Thanks for the welcome!

It's the "regular" 6 speaker radio with steering wheel controls. I have the Access GMOS-44 harness. I checked the wiring a dozen times and have calls/emails into Metra.
Welcome to the forum Johnny.

Several sound/electronic gurus here so you'll find your answer. Just try to provide as much info.
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Welcome to the cruze talk Be cool stay cozy Keep Cruzen And best wishes !
Look up
2014 Chevy Cruze 1 Lt Radio Upgrade .
I think you can reflash that module, I havent used the 44 yet. There should be a usb port on it. try to reflash. Ground to the chasis of the car make sure theres less than 1ohm resistance. I recommend pac-audio interfaces I made the switch because there gm harness' would do stupid crap like you describe
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When I talked with the guy at Metra/Access he mentioned reflashing the module however mine is not a USB module it is a 4 pin style. He told me I'd need an adapter. They are trying to figure out if the 14s have different wiring. They want to get a 14 for their engineers to look at. I would offer mine but they are in Florida and I'm in NY.

I looked at the PAC website but didn't see a wiring harness for my car.
2014 might be different it does sound like you are going up against firmware. If you dont give a crap about onstar the just grab your ignition from the switch or bcm fuse panel
Thanks for the welcome! I still am hoping that Metra will have an answer for me. Any other thoughts? Thanks!
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