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Hatch Model Reverse light bulb size

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Hey all! First post here. I have a slight concern about my 18 Hatch tail light. I bought from Wal-Mart the 921 led bulbs to replace my stock reverse bulbs. Upon installation the current bulb base is wider then expected. On the stock reverse bulb it reads; W2W Ew 3KG M 27K13. Curious as to what bulb would i need for replacement? Also I've noticed there are two sockets one on the trunk tail light and the other on the side tail light, I've tried turning and turning but no luck. My goal for the Hatch is to have all bulbs LED. I have photo of the bulb taken from the dome light on the left, the right one is the stock reverse bulb. The LED bulb I bought from Wal-Mart has the same size base as the one on the left.


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The reverse lamp and the turn are both T20 base, W21W, "7440" lamps.

The parking/brake light is also a T20, but a "7443" dual filament.W21/5W.

The hatch parking light is a T10 base(W5W or 194, a 921 might fit as well though clearance in the housing may be an issue.)
Headlights should be 9005 .
I don't know what the domes are off top of my head, sorry.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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