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Can I drive without the cigarette lighter fuse and/or without the cigarette lighter secured in place?

Very stupid question, I’m aware.

A couple years ago, I had something plugged in to the 12v/cigarette lighter socket in the center console up front, and when I went to unplug it part of the item’s plug came apart, fell into the socket, and it hasn’t worked since (I also have the one in the back which works just fine).

I finally pulled the socket out, but given how much of an effort it was, the fact that it’s probably damaged and I need to replace the socket, and that I don’t have the supplies/knowledge to replace it at this very moment, I have the lighter fuse pulled and the socket isn’t secured. It’s hooked up to the wires because otherwise the wires would fall into the center console creating a new can of worms for me, but I didn’t push it back into place because of how hard it was to pop out.

Given the fuse isn’t for a particularly important part, I want to know if I can drive without the fuse plugged in and/or the socket secured. Or if it does need to be plugged in, can. I drive with it plugged in and the socket popped out? Safety is my obvious number 1 priority, but my stupidity and effort is a close second concern.

1 - 1 of 1049 Posts