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Having issues with my 2012 RS big time, any help is apprecited!

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So ive got another cruze. 2012 RS 1.4 turbo. Its got some issues and just took a dive on me. It ran ok at first but I had the blinking engine light and stabilitrac onboard message pop up. So I thought ok maybe the common pcv valve issue. Then the car would hesitate hard on a hard accel like it didnt want to shift up. And now yesterday car was running fine but went to go up hill and no power. Car started smoking like a mother and then started spewing oil out the pcv diaphragm in the valve cover. It acted like the engine built up huge oil pressure and started spewing. The temp was fine. Meanwhile the car started chugging hard and i got a misfire and these codes.

Also. Not sure but i feel like the turbo wasnt working right at all. Opened it up an scoped the inside. Turbine looks fine but bunch of play in the gate pin an a nice hair line crack across the gate seat about 2 inches long.

So guys the question here is it possible the turbo going bad could cause this series of unfortunate events? And will slapping a new one on fix it?
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The first thing I'd do is check when your car was first sold to see if it's possible that you're still within the 5 year/100,000 power train warranty.

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You need to replace the valve cover and most likely the intake manifold first then do the turbo, otherwise your going to be spending a lot of money on new turbos and you have high oil pressure most likely because the check valve built into the intake manifold is not completely sealing when you get under boost and now instead of pressurizing the combustion chamber your pressurizing the crank case.
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