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Having severe connection issues with mylink

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2017 LS
Right after i purchased my car i had some small issues that were no bother and found a way around them but now ive had more issues pop up and im curious if i need to take it to my dealer or if theres an alternative solution.
1. My Bluetooth always disconnects when i first connect it and have to reconnect it.(every phone we have used has done this)
2. When i make a call or receive a call it disconnects from the Bluetooth entirely and i have to delete the connection and repair it to make it work. (Every phone we have used does this)
3. The usb connection doesnt work properly, we have installed andriod auto and used apple car play as well as trying many different cables and carrying phones with no success. Some charge, some dont. But none of them connect to the system for sure or for the projection as it says theres no compatible devices.

All devices used are up to date with required apps installed, phones include
Iphone 6 and 6+
Iphone 7 and 7+
Samsung Galaxy s5, s6, s7
ZTE Grand X max 2 (my phone)
Acatel Idol 4

I have no other physical issues with the car beyond the stereo issues. Any ideas or do i need to take time off work to set up a service?
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