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Sorry to bump an older thread, but thought I owe all of you a thanks and an update.

Returned CT Dupli pen and went to dealer. Found out that GXH WAS the colour code; Berlin Blue!
Ordered thru the dealer, took about 4 days. Exact same applicator as the Dupli Pen which has brush/pen applicator, chip remover, and sealant/top coat. I advise anyone using one of these to not use or at least be really careful using the chip remover as I ended up scratching the paint even more using it. Spent about 2 hours in total repairing various chips on the front end. I was saddened and shocked to see that some chips even went through the 3M!

Once again, thanks for all your advice. The paint seems a little thin, so I suspect I'll be fixing chips often. :(

Yep that's about all cars these days. I got rock chips if the salt truck was driving near me slinging salt. Glad you were able to find it. I was gonna say the paint code is usually G something in the RPO codes above.
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