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Headlight Haze

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Is anyone else having an issue with headlight haze on the inside of the lens? I have a 2013 LTZ and the tops of both headlights are getting haze on the inside. Vehicle Automotive lighting Car Red Automotive exterior
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That looks like the typical 'hazing' that affects all plastic modern vehicle headlights. After about 4 years of exposure to UV, the haze develops at the edges and eventually turns the entire plastic lens opaque. The process can be delayed by storing the vehicle in a garage but eventually by year 6 or 7 the hazing is inevitable.

There are lots of headlight restoration kits out there ranging in price from $10 - $25 or so. Also many car washes and detailers offer the service.

I've tried the 3M and Wipe New products. Found best results from Wipe New. However, neither gets the lens back to factory clear and they will haze back over within 2 years.

Wipe New Headlight Restore| As Seen on TV | Official Site - Wipe | Official Site

At some point if you're really just done with the hassle and negative impact to your car's appearance, look into replacement headlamps from places like, Amazon or eBay. Depending on vehicle a new pair can run under $200.
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I did the headlights on my daughter's 2007 saturn sky and they turned out great using the sylvania headlight restoration kit. I've used several different products but got the best results with the sylvania kit. Took a little longer and cost a little more but they still look great after a year. The sylvania kit was also rated best by consumer reports which is what prompted me to give it a try. You can find the kit at amazon.
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