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The other night I noticed it was a bit dark on the one side of my car and I happened to look into a window in front of me and saw I had a light out. From my perspective this is uncalled for!!!! So I went home and using one of the original bulbs I had removed shortly after buying the car I proceeded to replace the offending bulb. On the driver side, I was able to unscrew the bulb but unable to remove as the windshield washer tube was in the way and had not unplugged the plug from the bulb. :angry:I removed the tube and thought OK now this is easy!!!!! IF anyone has replaced the bulbs before and remembers how it was done; I did not and proceeded to unplug the bulb using a screwdriver(thus forcing the plug off)!! As it came off, I heard something break and looking at the plug could not see anything I broke so I put it back together. It turns out there is a plastic retaining clip on the socket that I did not remove and that is what broke.

Had I read on the internet how to do so, I would have seen once this little clip is removed the socket just unplugs. :wub: I seriously doubt this will come unplugged but I no longer have the retaining clip. Same on other side: for some reason the passenger side has had the socket replaced and there is splicing and wire caps to hold the wiring together. I don't remember breaking the plug but maybe I did 4 years ago doing the same thing?

FYI when you replace your headlights, there is a white clip that goes in the back of the plug that must be removed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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