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headlights with halos

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Hey, so straight to the point.

i am looking into aftermarket headlights for my vehcile. Most come with the halo lights in them (which is what i want) but is it possible to change the color of them. Instead of keeping them white i want to make it red or orange.

This may differ between each headlight and company but just wanted to see if anyone has done it or has known someone to do it.
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Honestly your best bet is a retrofit with custom halos.
There are several vendors in the NYC area that can professionally do the the job.
Another option if you are comfortable with it is to retrofit the aftermarkets as they are easier to seperate the lens from the housing. But the halos might be glued in. My plans when I get my cruze is to retrofit the aftermarket audi style headlights, remove the halos and install a quality/larger projector.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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