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"GMPP by Ally" isn't really third-party. Unfortunately, I don't think it's available for sale anymore. GM and Ally parted ways. Hopefully the Dealer and Ally still work together so I don't have to get into the middle of it.
This policy is still issued by MIC and sold everywhere under various names. GM has not financially backed these plans since 2002

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[FONT=&quot]Finance was the core business. Insurance came later. And vehicle service contracts were an even more recent addition to the product line. The Motors Insurance Corp. was formed in 1939, as the in-house underwriter of GMAC's insurance products. In 1973, Motors Insurance Corp. began selling what were then called mechanical breakdown protection plans -- what would nowadays be called vehicle service contracts.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]The service contracts were not insurance products. However, they became part of GMAC's insurance business unit. The General Motors Protection Plans (in the U.S.) and the Car Care Plans (in other countries) were sold to consumers by GM-franchised dealers, through their dealerships' finance and insurance departments.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Up until 2002, General Motors itself was the obliger. GM, in turn, would insure its business risk through a contractual liability policy purchased from GMAC Insurance. But then the structure of the business changed, so that it was GMAC selling the service contract to the customer, and it was GMAC that became the obligor.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]According to GMAC's financial statements, this change was designed to concentrate all business related to service contracts with GMAC Insurance (where the activities were managed), rather than splitting the business between GM and GMAC Insurance. At the time, since GMAC was wholly-owned by GM, this change was little more than accounting trivia.[/FONT]
GMAC Service Contracts, 17 June 2010
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