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Heater Flap Broken - Air blowing hot on drivers side and cold on the passenger side.

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First time post in here. I have just bought a 2011 SRI Cruze 1.4 turbo manual. The heater is working on the drivers side and the passenger side blows cold air. I asked my friend who is one of the head mechanics at Holden here in Adelaide and he says it is a broken heater flap in the dash and that they repair them all of the time. The job is a 12 hour job and only $300 in parts. Labor alone would be in excess of $1000.
Before I got to these drastic measures has anyone else ever come across the same issue and was there another solution to the problem?
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Hi turbo96, not really sure how to do this but did you want picture of what was happening to the heater?
The car is just a 2011 Black Holden SRI Cruze with a 1.4 turbo 6 speed manual.
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Read through this post: FIX: Excessive Moisture/Condensation/Frost on Windows
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