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Heater quit working

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My wife took the car to work today, and called me about 10 minutes into the drive, and the heater hadn't started working yet. Vehicle temperature was good, but it wasn't blowing hot air. While I was on the phone with her, it started working. When she got to work and parked, "code 4" came up. Any ideas as to what this is?
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Your engine temperature is too high - check the coolant levels ASAP. Low coolant will cause both your wife's report of no heat and at the same time excessive engine temperatures.
TheStig has a Canadian Cruze. The errors are numeric instead of text. As far as I can tell it's so GM doesn't have to generate both English and French language versions of the text along with the associated support for changing languages.
How low was the coolant? If it was below the top of the lower hose you may have air in the system that will need to work its way out. Keep an eye on your coolant level regardless.
It was just below the lower hose. Got all the air out of the system.
Kind of what I expected with the original symptoms. There will be some air caught in the radiator - it will burp out over the next few thousand miles. Keep an eye on it as I think you have more than the usual seep/loss of coolant.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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