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Heater quit working

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My wife took the car to work today, and called me about 10 minutes into the drive, and the heater hadn't started working yet. Vehicle temperature was good, but it wasn't blowing hot air. While I was on the phone with her, it started working. When she got to work and parked, "code 4" came up. Any ideas as to what this is?
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Here's a picture of the code on the display.


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That was my first thought when she called. Coolant. But when I saw the picture, I didn't think that was overly hot.
I guess I'm too used to big engines that can hold up to heat quite well.
Is there a recommended Coolant for the 1.4?
Thanks for the info. My father in law has a scanner, and we'll go from there.
Yeah, I'm going to run into town and get some coolant and Timmies, and go see if I can remedy it.
Code 4 is suppose to be for Canadian vehicles. It means "Air Conditioner off due to high engine temperature"
Thank you sir. Hopefully it just needs some coolant, and isn't leaking somewhere.
Here is a list of possible codes:
On the Canadian base level cluster, vehicle messages appear as code numbers.
4 Air Conditioner off due to high engine temperature
25 Left front turn indicator failure
26 Left rear turn indicator failure
27 Right front turn indicator failure
28 Right rear turn indicator failure
35 Replace battery in radio remote control
53 Tighten gas cap
65 Theft attempted
68 Service power steering
75 Service air conditioner
82Change engine oil soon
84Engine power is reduced
95Service airbag
Copied and saved for future reference.
Topped up the coolant, cleared the code (low coolant flow code) and all is well on the Stigs test track.

Thanks guys.
It was just below the lower hose. Got all the air out of the system.
Put coolant in it a couple times again, and finally got it to the dealer today. Turns out my water pump has a small leak. Didn't have a water pump in stock, so waiting for that to come in. Until then, keeping extra coolant with me at all times.
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