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Heavy duty commuter recommended maintenance?

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I've got a 2017 Cruze LT RS...and I also commute 180 miles a day, 5 days a week. That's about 45k miles a year. That being said, I'm not exactly car savvy and my dealer is hit or miss in terms of maintenance recommendations.

I'm at 66k now and I last did a bigger maintenance run at 45k (basic level, transmission fluid change, etc). My manual says to replace the spark plugs at 60k.

If I want this beauty to last until I pay her off (another 4 years and 150k or more miles) should I be preparing for some epic maintenance or just keep steady on timely oil changes and follow the manual?

Thanks in advance for anyone who comments in on this.
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Makes me wonder if I should try mid-grade or premium in my Volt on my next road trip. It's the same generation engine as the Gen 2 Cruze.
Hmm, 12.5:1 compression instead of the 10:1 in my Cruze, but no turbo.

Still, 12.5 does sound like the cars we put 97 octane in 50 years ago, doesn't it?
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