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Hi guys!

Hope everyone is staying safe in this time of pandemic!

I just came back from my "apocalypse ready" costco and my car started to smoke like hell! ... Maybe I bought too much toilet paper??


Any idea what it could be? I guess my car is totaled?

  • Coolant is very low.
  • It seems to have an oil leak from the oil cap.
  • Oil level is good.
  • Lot of fluid on the ground (I guess coolant?)
  • Just did an oil change a few week ago.
  • Smoke was coming from under the heat shield and also near the water outlet.
  • Car is 2011 Cruze RS 1.4L turbo
  • 100k miles


Most of garages are currently closed near my house due to the shutdown... And we don't know when they are going re-open. Maybe doesn't even worth fixing it.

Your help is greatly appreciated!
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