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I was out when I heard a little squeaking from the engine. I looked it up and it said if you have squeaking take out the dipstick and it should go away, if so then it must be a valve cover issue. As soon as I took the dipstick out the squeaking stopped. I drove around for a few minutes then got home. As soon as I went up my driveway, check engine and check traction came up. heavy smoke cloud started coming out of the engine that it covered my whole driveway. Turned it off and waited for it to cool down. Turned it on the next morning, barley any power to turn on and stalling, the engine smoked a little bit but this time the huge cloud of smoke came out of the rear exhaust mostly.
The coolant reservoir seems as full as left it so I'm not sure what it can possible be.
blown head gasket? Cracked turbo? Broken intake manifold? It's hard to locate the issue and it's the weekend so I can't take it to the shop until later.
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