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I am noticing some misfires and some sort of hesitation (probably from the misfires) that comes in and out around 6000rpm. I am currently trifecta tuned with water/meth and before I send another data log over to be processed, I was going to see if anyone on the forum experienced this issue.

The current plugs were replaced 10k miles ago with iridium plugs from my dealership and the car runs great, just went I hit 6000rpm things start feeling a bit off. The car currently has 93000 miles so I am wondering if it could be the valve springs. I know VTuner sells upgraded valve springs but I am not familiar with valve float to where I can diagnose it from experience.

Before sending a data log to trifecta, are there any tests anyone could suggest to further diagnose the issue? I have a custom elm327app I wrote but it is quite slow through Bluetooth so if I am going to log myself, I want to log as minimal parameters as possible.
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