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Hello all.. New to the forums and need some help.

2011 Chevy cruze
vin : 1G1PC5SH6B7296943

Just recently purchased a 2011 Chevy cruze 2 weeks ago and now I have a check engine light Code (P2076) DTC intake manifold tuning (IMT) Valve position sensor /switch circuit range/ performance.
After doing a complete visual inspection of the engine I noticed a plastic rod on the driver side of the engine located on the on the intake manifold that broke off, it seems to be held on by a little ball type socket. one on top & one bottom, the bottom one broke. the dealer said I have to buy the complete intake.
Part # 55570283
Price @ my local chevy dealer: $644.89

Can anyone help or direct me to a removal procedure for a 2011 Chevy cruz intake manifold along with torque specks

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about the issue. Would you be able to post pictures of the broken part?
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