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Hello all

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So first off the Cruze is my wife's commuter car, now don't get me wrong I like it too but well I drive and have driven Fat Chicks (ACVW'S) most of my life. Anyway like the forum that I normally frequent I am here looking for information. The Cruze that she drives now is a 2015 1.4t RS package and yes I know that the RS is just an appearance package anymore but that little 1.4 sure does have some spunk for being a smaller engine than the 1904 in my Bug, I even think the thing is dimensionally and weight wise smaller too.
As I said I came here of some information and no I haven't done a search yet but I just found this site so please excuse me for putting this in before I try your search function. What I am looking for is information on a miss under load on this beast. what we have is it will miss as you are cruising along at highway speeds and start into a hill or basically when it you start putting more demand for power while at partial throttle because if you floor it as it starts to miss it will accelerate fine with out any miss but if you only step into it a little(not floor it) it will still miss it will even do it bad enough to momentarily turn on the check engine light. The car has 62,000 miles on it and had oil changes every 4000, on it's third air filter and I just changed the plugs (gap 0.28) because of the miss but it didn't remedy the problem. Anyway has anybody else experienced this problem and if so what was the remedy, it's odd though as the Cruze that my wife had before a 2012 with a 1.8 only had oil and filter changes the whole time we had it 100,000 and never missed a beat.

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Welcome to the forums, I was gonna point you towards spark plugs due to miles but you already did that. Next step is quality of gas. Are you using a top tier gas station to fill up? Then next step is spray the maf sensor with maf cleaner. I usually do this every air filter and oil change time. Next step before it costs "money" is trying a few tanks of 93 octane. After that doesn't fix it, you may be in the middle of a coil pack going bad. I killed about 3 coil packs on my 2013 with 18k miles being the 1st one. Someone could probably find you a link cheaper than the $300 a dealer wants for it if you were to take it in for that.
Hi Mick, welcome to the forum! You're joining a great community. Folks here are very willing to help and share information. If you ever have any questions, there's definitely a great team of owners and vendors that are happy to help. Have fun surfing around!
Thanks for the replies. she is using 87 octane in it but it's from Chevron... main thing about gas in Alaska is it is all refined here in state by one company and the different stations all advertise theirs as top tier (chevron, Tesoro, shell, etc.) but they just put in their additives, plus octane choices are limited to 87,90 and 91 unless I run the 110 low lead aviation fuel like I run in my 66 Ghia (turbo 2110) which I know is really not a good idea. I will try the maf cleaner and another air filter as it's cheap insurance and I am all for that, also I will have her switch to the 91 octane as well to see if that helps.
Once again thanks.
Try a tank of 91, and make sure the little springs in the coil pack boots are straight. Cheap first attempt at fixing it.

They're known to run kinda crummy on 87, but what you're describing sounds ignition related. These cars are extremely picky about their spark plugs and the coil packs can be a pain.
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Welcome do as Merc and Blackburn said and try a couple of tanks of at least 89 octane if not 93 we have found it wakes the little engine up.
Hi all
Well I checked the springs in the extensions coming from the coil bar threw a can of iso-heat at it and a tank of 91 octane and it runs like a champ so the wife is good to go. So life is good we are warming up from -20 to +20 the wife's car is now running good my sled is ready and the Iron Dog crowd has the trail from Skwentna heading north open so I have time to go for a ride:yahoo: couldn't have done it with out you folks thanks!
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