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First is that I would be doing a seafoam cleaning, given there are a couple options here which would you all feel would be the most appropriate? The SF-16 motor treatment or the SS-14 cleaner?
The difference between the two products SF16 & SS14 is the way it comes out of the can which designates where it is used.
SF16 (the product SeaFoam and volume 16 oz) is a pour in the tank cleaner/ lubricant for the fuel system tank to engine.
SS14(Seafoam Spray 14 oz) is an aerosol of the same product it is meant to spray in the carb or throttle body to clean carbon and lubricate it can be used as a fogger for small engines. i have personally witnessed this eliminate a catalyst efficiency code.
i personally use SF16 in every combustion engine I own lawnmower, snowblower, motorcycles, cars, chainsaw, pressure washer, atv, and snowmobile
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