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Hello Everyone

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Just joined the Forums and wanted to Introduce myself. My name is David and I recently purchased a 2016 Red Hot Automatic Cruze LT a few weeks ago with the Convenience Package, Sun & Sound Package and the RS Package. I live around the Charlotte area, but am just over the border in South Carolina. Cheaper taxes and no Inspections :go:

I had been driving a 2005 Scion tC for about 12 years, but I ended having a wonderful accident over Labor Day weekend. :unsure: My tC wasn't able to go from 65 MPH to 0 in time. I think if I could've pushed the brake pedal through the floor and been able to Flinstones it I might have made it, but my front end passenger side wound up slightly under the SUV ahead of me. :sad: Traffic was so awesome that the car in front of the SUV I slid into hit the car in front of it, so kudos to everyone on the Highway that Saturday morning. :sarcasm:

No one was hurt and my car left a little paint on the bottom of the SUV's bumper, but the damage to my vehicle was enough for the Repair Shop to turn it over to the Insurance as a Total Loss, so I was in need of a new vehicle.

Originally I was looking to get a Corolla or Camry, but a few weeks prior to the accident I had received a GM Card Bonus Rewards in the mail. I also had earned some rewards myself, so with that extra money towards a new vehicle that narrowed my options. The Cruze landed right in my price range, so I figured out what options I wanted and was able to find one at the right price. So far it has been a blast to drive. :th_coolio:
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Congrats and welcome, sorry to hear the loss but I believe it, I went looking for a Malibu but I could only afford a used base model so I was looking at base cruze, boring.. I after beating the dealer up for 3 days i ended up with an 11 ltz and I've had her 2 and a half years now and I've never loved another car more !

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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the site, David and congrats! Share with us some pictures of your new Cruze. Do you have any plans in mind? Lots of very informed members on here with a wealth of information, so you've come to the right place! Have fun surfing around.
Welcome! Post some pictures if you get a chance!

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