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Just joined the Forums and wanted to Introduce myself. My name is David and I recently purchased a 2016 Red Hot Automatic Cruze LT a few weeks ago with the Convenience Package, Sun & Sound Package and the RS Package. I live around the Charlotte area, but am just over the border in South Carolina. Cheaper taxes and no Inspections :go:

I had been driving a 2005 Scion tC for about 12 years, but I ended having a wonderful accident over Labor Day weekend. :unsure: My tC wasn't able to go from 65 MPH to 0 in time. I think if I could've pushed the brake pedal through the floor and been able to Flinstones it I might have made it, but my front end passenger side wound up slightly under the SUV ahead of me. :sad: Traffic was so awesome that the car in front of the SUV I slid into hit the car in front of it, so kudos to everyone on the Highway that Saturday morning. :sarcasm:

No one was hurt and my car left a little paint on the bottom of the SUV's bumper, but the damage to my vehicle was enough for the Repair Shop to turn it over to the Insurance as a Total Loss, so I was in need of a new vehicle.

Originally I was looking to get a Corolla or Camry, but a few weeks prior to the accident I had received a GM Card Bonus Rewards in the mail. I also had earned some rewards myself, so with that extra money towards a new vehicle that narrowed my options. The Cruze landed right in my price range, so I figured out what options I wanted and was able to find one at the right price. So far it has been a blast to drive. :th_coolio:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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