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The car has been okay so far, the water pump has been replaced along with the tires (v-rated now). When the heater is on I can smell coolant my wife cannot. I keep getting solicitations in the mail from attorneys that want to sue GM for building a car with a lot of complaints, trans, stalling and the water pump. My wife is not interested in suing anyone. It's her car so whatever.

I'm a big guy and I have a tough time getting in and out of the car so I drive my car as often as possible (2000 Buick Park Avenue Ultra 165K miles).

I would like to change the shift points to a higher rpm range and lower the car along with making some mod changes but I do not know if she would go for that.

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Welcome to the forum!

As for the solicitations, that is extremely interesting, did you fill anything out somewhere, or did you randomly get notices? If you can smell the coolant take a check at the reservoir, and if the coolant is still at the max line, then you're smelling the grease used around the HVAC system, and all you need to do is take it in to your dealer and have them change it out for a different grease [More info about the coolant smell can be found here: AST V.2].

As for the shift points, get the trifecta tune and talk to Vince about tweaking them them to your liking. As for lowering your Eco, your best route is to go with coilovers, although if you don't want to drop ~$1K on a set, I would recommend Eibach lowering springs. If you're looking for performance, I would say get the K&N drop in filter and do the resonator delete for a cheap, but decent gain. Anything else, just ask around, there are plenty of routes to go with your Eco modding wise, and theres always at least one active person who specializes in different areas.

Also, its nice to see more bay area Cruze's on the forum, we need more.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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