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Welcome to Cruzetalk. I would second getting a Trifecta tune. If you wife won't use premium, get the Trifecta Budget tune as it will work on regular unleaded. The standard Trifecta tune requires premium gasoline.

Quick summary of the cabin odor:

If you have the odor in the engine bay, the source of the problem is most likely the water pump or a bad surge tank/cap seal, but it may be anywhere in the cooling system. Have your dealership put in the coolant dye and keep driving it. It can take over 1000 miles for a slow coolant leak to evaporate enough coolant for enough dye to dry on the car at the leak point.

If you have no odor in the engine bay, you need to know what the smell in the cabin actually is. If it's coolant the problem is either the cabin engine heater core or the HVAC ducting. In this case if you smell it regardless of the HVAC settings I would check the cabin heater core, unless you have no engine coolant loss. You can sniff around the bottom of the front footwells for coolant smell. However, if the problem occurs only when you're using the heater, regardless of fan speed, the most likely culprit in this case is the HVAC ducting lubricant and you need to get your dealer to do the repair specified in PI-0935. If the smell in the cabin is more like dirty socks, you have mold and/or mildew in the HVAC system. This smell will occur any time the blower is on and at any engine temperature and HVAC temperature setting, with or without the A/C on. GM has a kit to clean mold and mildew out of the HVAC.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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