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Hello from Northern VA

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Hello everyone, my name is Chad and I reign from the Northern Virginia area. I do not own a Cruze yet, but I am in the search! I own a 2009 Silverado 2500HD with the 6.6 Duramax with 33k miles and use it as my DD. I am looking for a smaller commuter car that has some luxury features, good economically with fuel, and something to keep the miles off my beast. Being the diesel dork that I am now, I gotta have a Cruze Diesel! Look forward to finding it and sharing it with everyone!
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Welcome! I'm a fan of diesels too, but I'll stick with a gas Cruze and save the diesel for a truck someday. I do love the Duramax though! My dad has a 2015 GMC 3500 with the Duramax and its so nice to drive!
welcome local!
Welcome to the forum! I love GM trucks, they've been a big part of my life, since we traded them so often it never made sense to get the diesel, so we stuck with the 5.7L , the 5.3L and the 6.0L V8 engines. If you have the option, you should wait until the new 1.6L turbo diesel ecotec engine is out for the second gen and take it for a test drive!

I might have considered getting a diesel if if were a bit more affordable, and if it would have offered a manual transmission :D
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