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Hi there. I'm not a Cruse Hatchback owner yet, but I'm currently shopping for a great deal on a 2019.

I've test driven most hatches on the market and I'm really impressed with this Chevy. I like the body style, the decent leg room in the back, the instrument cluster is great, and I think the engine compartment layout is a smart.

I've been driving the same Subaru Forester since 1999. Yes that's right, for the last 21 years I've been driving the same car, and actually it still serves me well. However, I do take great care of my ride. I think the Cruze is as smart as my '99 and hopefully it'll last as long.

I look forward to reading and sharing on this forum as I do/did on the Subaru Forest dot Org forum.

Warm Regards, Tony aka Shakeman!
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