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Hello from Southeast Tennessee

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Hello, new here from Chattanooga, TN! Had my Cruze a few weeks and i love it! Its 2014 2LT RS Tungsten metallic. It was a 1 owner vehicle and came with a carfax and what i feel was a decent price. By no means am i new to the Chevy family, had a 92 S10, then moved on to a 08 Z71 Colorado. Ive have 5 different Volkswagens that ive leased through work..yes i work for VW. Anywho always loved the Cruze and im happy to say that i own one now. So far i plasti dipped the emblems and the silver trim on the interior, i'll be tinting the windows when i get a free day off work along with the exterior lights.


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Welcome to CT! Congrats n your 2LT. VW is getting rave reviews on the new GTI - I know they make some nice cars.
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