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Hello!! From Spain, with my "new" car

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It's the second time I write an introduction, there must be something I did wrong last time... Anyway

My name is Iñigo, but you can call me inigarcia, because your keyboard doesn't have the weird "ñ" character we use in spanish. In case you have it... ¡¡Hola, fellow spanish talking members!!
I purchased my Cruze a month ago, and since I have put little more than a thousand miles on it and everything is great! It is a 2.0 diesel from 2009, I bought it with 116.000 km (that'll be around 70k miles). Exteriorwise it has some deep nasty scratches, some motherf.... did to it a couple of months ago. I was able to score a good price on it partially because that, and I have hide them with touch-up paint, but if you come close, you can still see them. **** keying people... It is also pretty dirty; it's black and that is a dirty color per se, but I still don't wash it very often. I just don't like washing it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing it clean; I just don't enjoy the process of making it clean :tongue:

Inteiorwise, it is clean and tidy. I have the LT trim, with the satnav option. It surprised me how much tech stuff comes in this car, you should see the things I test drove when I was car hunting... This looks like a car from this century. Satnav, cruise control, auto headlights and windshield wipers, USB port (USB port I tell you!! :yahoo:) What I don't have is bluetooth hands free, but my parents bought me a Parrot kit and I have kind of solved that problem, and come up with others. If you want to help me out with them, go check out the thread I made on Gen1 Audio & Electronics.

The experience is turning up really nice, I have allways been a car guy and this is my first actual car in property. Actually, not just a car guy, I like everything that moves fast without me having to move a lot, pedal or exercise :) I also own a motorbike, my little Suzuki GS500, and I love to work on her. I will also try to work on Cruze, but it is kind of intimidating because all the electronic stuff. But believe me, I will try.

Nice talking to you, see you around!!!!
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Welcome Again!:welcome:
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