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Hello, just picked up a 2013 Cruze Eco 6-speed

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Hi there, Jim from Western NY here. Just picked up my first newer car, a 2013 Cruze Eco with the manual trans. its got 13,600 miles. I got it to replace my 2001 Buick Regal 3.8L because it's got 175k now and I'm only getting around 24mpg average. I have a 100 mile commute each day, this morning was the first day I drove the Cruze and I got 38.5mpg, awesome!

However, 5 minutes into my drive my nose and eyes were offended by a strong odor of antifreeze. It's so bad I have to open a window because it makes my eyes water. Hence me joining this site. I see this has been a common problem from a quick Google search and by reading some threads here. It doesn't appear to be low on coolant at all. Of the topics I have read there seem to be many possible causes, heater core leaks, coolant tank proximity to heater, improper shielding, water pump leaks, I even read one thread that stated a "glycol based grease was used in the heater box which thins and melts" giving off the same odor as coolant.

I hope my dealer can find and fix the problem quickly. I would hate to think my 15 year old 175k mile ($1,500) car is a better vehicle than the 2 year old 3k mile ($12,000) one I just purchased.

Those of you with similar issues in the past, was the problem identified and taken care of?

Thanks all, and I look forward to reading and posting help and tips in the future.

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Sorry you joined under these circumstances but welcome to Cruzetalk! Your dealership will find the problem and if anything show them that thread. Many of our members have and they found a resolution to the issue.
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