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Hello! New member with "new" car

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Good day everyone!!

My name is Iñigo, but you can call me inigarcia, mainly because your keyboards don't have the "ñ" character unless you're spanish (in that case: Hola!!).

A little over a month ago I bought my black Cruze, I'm his 3rd owner but the last one had it for only a year before having an oopsie and ending up with his third child (actual words from him, funny guy :D) so he needed a bigger car. It's a December 2009 black LT, 2.0 diesel with 150HP. I was able to score a good price because it had some nasty scratches a motherf***** did very deep with a key (so deep I could see the primer), but I could kind of hide them with touchup paint.

It surprised me that it came with satnav (not working, I touched the wrong button and now I would need a CD to update, I screwed up I know) cruise control, dimming mirror, auto headlights and windshield wipers... A lot of toys. I'm getting to know the car, but for now I find it very confortable, powerful and nice all around. It did not come with phone conectivity, so my parents gave me a parrot bluetooth kit for my birthday. I need advice here, but I'll create a thread elsewhere, I had a problem installing it.

Well that sums it up my experience until now. I expect to learn a lot here, I'm a DIYer myself so anything I can do, I will do as long as I have the tools.

See you aronund!!
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