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Hello. New member with problems

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Bought a used 2011 Cruze LT 1.4 a few years ago and have had nothing but problems. The newest problem is it sounds like I'm flying an airplane. The further I drive it the louder it gets. Vibration in floor and pedals, check engine light on and a small oil leak from turbo area. Turbo was replaced in February of this year. Anyone have any ideas ? I really can't afford another repair.
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Thank you. The tires have been checked and are fine. When I leave the house in the morning(40 mile drive to school) the sound is barely noticeable, but gets louder the closer we get to school. It is louder and more noticeable now in the mornings and vibration is stronger the louder it gets. About 25 miles in it starts sounding like an airplane.
Does the noise change when you swerve right or left? IF so, I would expect the hub bearings are bad. I've had a lot of GM's where the bearings start growling around 100K miles. A lot of times, there was no other symptom (they were tight). Replace both fronts.
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