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About the only time a blown fuse is not a problem is connecting a trailer to your vehicle and not increasing the size of that fuse to handle the extra load. For anything else, is a major problem.

Had problems with clutch compressor coil before, if they were layer wound and dipped in an insulating varnish would never be a problem, but are raw magnet random wound coils were vibration rubs off that thin magnet wire enamel causing internal shorts.

Use to be cheap to buy and replace, but outrageous today, cheaper to buy a new compressor with a new clutch coil unless you are handy and can rewind that coils yourself.

But the clutch coil is not the only electrical, the old V4's variable displacement compressors were mechanically controlled, these new one are electrically controlled. They don't give specs on the current draw, so have to figure out this for yourself.

Hooking up a lab type power supply the general current at 14.5V is about 4 amps, but leaving it on for about 15 minutes, the coil should heat up, increases the resistance of the coil so it should drop to about 3.5 amps. With a bad coil, that expansion will increase the current draw and even enough to blow the fuse.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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