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Hi everyone!

I´ve recently bought a MiniDSP 2x4 (RevA) and a MiniDC but I need your advice to get the best sound of my configuration. I have the following equipment:

- 4 channel AMP (Blaupunkt EMA 455)
- 2 front speakers + tweets / 2 rear speakers + tweets (Blaupunkt Blue Magic CX 170 3 Ohm)
- Blaupunkt Subwoofer (Blaupunkt Blue Magic XLf 200 Active Sub).

With this configuration, the subwoofer will not respond if the fader is all the way up to the front speakers.

I have 4 questions:

1. If i wanted to use the MiniDSP 2x4 on the 4 (2 front + tweets / 2 rear + tweets) main speakers, what do I need to do?
2. Would it be a good idea to buy a preamp like this: MPQ-4US to split and improve the factory signal from 2 stock radio inputs to 6 L&R outputs (where the sub would be included). The MPQ-4US preamp sub-output would go directly to the subwoofer´s input, and the MiniDSP would be between the MPQ-4US preamp, and the AMP. (Attached Image A)
There´s another way which I think would be better, where the amp powers only the 2 front speakers + tweeters. (Attached Image B)
3. Finally, what type of line converters would I need on any case, and where should I put them on the wiring line?
4. Where does the MiniDC goes?

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Thanks a lot!


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