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HELp Crack in coolant pipe 2013 cruze

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Is this covered under powertrain 100,000 warranty?

hey guys. i got an oil change at chevy dealer on tuesday. the very next three days now Friday ive been noticed red fluid under my car in driveway small puddle smaller then size of palm everytime i drive and park. Inspected it today and found the leak. I think its on what is caled the coolant pipe, radiator hoses connect onto it, i think it is right on the 90 degree seam. Cant see crack but see the liquid wipe it away and it beads/comes back. Its the pipe right above the oil filter. Notice the oil filter cap in the first picture is right underneath the coolant pipe. Does anyone know if this is covered under power train warranty 100,000 miles?
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My first question is now for it to be leaking literally the next day after oil change makes me think they werent careful pulling out the oil filter and somehow bumped the pipe or was rough next to the pipe and cracked it...Is this possible? if so what can i do about it wont they just deny it??? i plan on calling them and telling them

2nd question i remember getting a coolant leak recall at some point does this have anything to do with it ? is it covered? i am out of 36000 warranty i have 45000 miles.

3rd if those arent options can i seal it with something to stop leak? im going thorugh rough time and cant afford to pay alot of money to fix it.

Please anyone with advice or tips or answers let me know thank you in adavnce.
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If you're talking about the plastic tree by the oil filter, that's the water outlet. Yes, that's covered, but only if the dealer enters the description correctly. Otherwise, the computer will tell him it's not covered. However, hoses are not covered. If they have to be changed, you'll be out of pocket on that.
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There is a how to on replacement of the outlet which is $20-$30 for the part.
Thanks chevy guy so how should i telll them to enter the description correctly so its covered? Just say the water outlet?

edit* think i jsut foud it in another thread "water outlet pipe" #25193922

thanks autumncruze but i definitely dont want to do it myself if its covered but thanks.
Sometimes it's easier doing it yourself then dealing with the dealerships not wanting to cover warranties. What am I talking about sometimes I mean all the time from my experiences. They can't even look at the vehicle to determine if it's under warranty without a charge.
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I hear you Autumn Cruze. this time went well for me made an appointment for 8 in the morning and I was out by 10:15 they covered it under warranty and didn't give me a hard time at all.

They told me that I should flush the radiator fluid since they already had it apart and it would be $140 I told them not to do it is Flushing the radiator really necessary?
I only have 46 thousand miles
I had to replace this very component also at around 52,000mi. Mine is a 2011 LT. Looks to be coming from the same place that mine was. Once I started zeroing in on it it got worse very quickly. Also, in the same whack, had to replace the radiator inlet hose coming off it it towards the front as that hose went at the same time the outlet did. Once it started, it never rained but only poured! I'll try and dig up some pictures of it. Easy fix, fella.. I was able to accomplish it suprisingly. Had to get a special tool for the hose clamps down below. Those things were a nightmare!

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