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I have 2014 Cruze with 45000 miles. Car lost power on way home from work. Took into dealers told me it's diesel in engine. Drained and clean tank, flushed fuel lines and replaced spark plugs. Dealer drove car to gas station to fill up. Called me after saying that my engine was blown. They didn't do diagnostic test when started work.
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Engine 'blown' is rather vague....blown infers once rotating parts have been ejected from the crankcase.

Did you fill it with diesel in error?.......should be impossible since a diesel nozzle won't fit in a gasoline filler neck.
If it was diesel, and a fuel station had a underground tank for gasoline filled with diesel in error, the expense to repair falls on them....hopefully you charged the fuel and can get the receipt.

I have had several gasoline engines misfilled with diesel in the past, brought in for repair......once the fuel was exchanged I never had any problems getting the vehicles to recover......they did smoke a bit till the second tankful but otherwise, no problems.

In general, diesel fuel in a gas engine, if it starts, just takes the power away and smokes like mad........I'm thinking this shopmay be jumping to conclusions.

Keep us informed,

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They say cylinders 2 and 3 have leakage. I'm calling BS also. Why didn't they see leak before draining tank?
They say cylinders 2 and 3 have leakage. I'm calling BS also. Why didn't they see leak before draining tank?
Just read your did it, or did it really have diesel fuel in the tank and if do you think that occured?

Say they have fuel sample and test it. Not sure at all if really had it in their. Don't know how could got in tank.
About how many miles was it driven after the last time fuel was added?

I haven't driven since got back from dealer. Only just started it and let run. After dealership drained tank they drove to gas station
I meant, how many miles between adding fuel and the problem beginning, requiring you to take it to the dealer.

No more than 5-7minutes. Seen started losing power and pulled over. Car wouldn't re start after I stopped. Towed to dealer
Your timeline is correct for diesel saturation.

You are going to have to go after the fuel station to compensate for repair expense.......they probably have 50 customer cars stranded in a 5 to 7 mile circle.

The fuel supplier will have to tell you how they want it must tell them you have been told the possibility of serious damage has occurred.......they will have to authorize teardown for a solid estimate.

I am, of course, assuming the car runs very poorly since it was returned to you.

Yeah, before they started fooling around with gas filler tubes, this was a common occurrence, But with limited emission controls, all cast iron, a flush or even thinning it out was all they war needed. Ha, still ran, but left a trail of smoke.

With fuel evaporative emission requirements, fuel injectors, a far more major job, but so is AC work when they dumped R-12 in favor of R-134a. Damage to the O2 sensors can result and definitely the catalytic converter.

But having problems with engine damage, much can be cleaned up with Seafoam, not really not much different than having fouled spark plugs, the engine just quits running. Diesel should not hurt the fuel pump, ethanol does a lot more damage than this.

Really can't help you unless I look at the engine. But is one hail of a big mess to clean up. Problems around here is not diesel but water in the gas.
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What ever the problem this diesel fuel caused, get a report from your dealer, and even a quote to replace the engine if they deem necessary and file a claim with the oil company. You need the paperwork.

They should be willing to make repairs at their expense, if not, there is small claims court.
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