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Hey Cruzers, been lurking here close to 2 years now and I've just started a few of many projects that I plan to do with the CTD. One of them being as such, installing aftermarket fog lights on the 2015 CTD and getting them to turn on thru the BCM via the stock GM headlight switch.

The Problem:

As for context, yes I am aware the vehicle does not officially support fog lights, the 2014 CTD had the regular bumper all cruzes had (expect for the RS and LTZ trims) which made them compatible with most oem and oem styled lights on the market. The 2015 however, has a front fascia on the bumper that makes it appear that the "fog light covers" are removable, unfortunately looks are deceiving and its just one big piece.

The Solution:

My solution to this would be to buy a cheap light bar that is not too ridiculously bright and mounted so that it doesn't blind other drivers on the road. Have this wired up to a relay and have it controlled by the headlight switch.

Attempting said Solution:

I've physically installed the light bar in front of the bumper, under a cheap bull bar I bought online. Made and installed a harness that runs through the lower grill and thru the dampers, I was able to cut a notch in the blade and secure the cable so it didn't interfere with the dampers opening and closing. Connected the negative conductor to the negative terminal on the battery, positive to relay that is controlled by the headlight switch. I have this control wire coming from the fuse box located under the hood of the car, on the corresponding diagram, it indicates fuse #48 to be the fog light circuit. I opened the block up and stuck the wire in the terminal block without the use of the GM crimp pin you are supposed to use, as long as it makes contact with the fuse block it will have continuity. Unfortunately, I would never receive any voltage at the other side of the wire.

Where I Need Help:

After several attempts of inserting and reinserting the fuse block, assuming that it wasn't making enough contact with the terminal block; I finally figured I should check the actual fuse itself to see if it was giving out voltage, unfortunately it was not. Im now stuck with a baller light just sitting there unable to work and counting on somebody with some input to get this working, doubt I'm the only 2015 CTD user that has attempted to get fog lights working with the stock switch. I've attached some pictures for further context.

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