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This 2012 Eco has a new symptoms. The previous was no/low crank, "jumping" while accelerating up hill, low idle, no acceleration while pushing gas. It's fuel pump was replaced. There are no more troubles starting up or staying running. A new battery was installed as well. It all sounds okay at idle. Now It has a new symptom while the ones related to a bad fuel pump went away. When the car starts up the fan spins up at its highest speed. This is after hours of sitting in sub-freezing temps. These are the symptoms that persist after new fuel pump/battery

  • Low power in 1st and 2nd gear. Getting into 3rd uphill required insane RPM before the car decelerates and holds a steady 30 MPH (Persistent after a new fuel pump)
  • High fan spin on cold startup. Does not slow down or stop. (Brand new issue since 1st drive after new battery/fuel pump)
  • Temp gauge not showing over heating
  • Stabilitrak Light is on dash (always been a problem)
  • Check Engine Light on (always been a problem with stabilitrak light)
  • Worn-out E-Break (maybe it ties in)
  • Issues with the volume of the radio. It "fades". Has been a persistent problem since before the fuel pump issue.

I don't know much about cars. I have the technical research and analysis skills to try troubleshooting something. I'm just not sure where to go for no BS attached access to diagrams. My tech skills give me a hunch that all these chevy cruze issues are largely related to a serious engineering failure in the cars electrical system as most intermittent/weird bugs that are really hard to solve are from bad power sources or connections.

I believe everything is related and that the stabilitrak warnings are tied into the cause of the high fan spin and that something that can affect the audio systems at the same time can be found. Of course I'll eventually get an OBD scanner and check the codes, but till than I'll just learn some new stuff. First I'm going to check the fan isnt actually shorted out, test the relays, temp switch, thermometer ohms, coolant leaks, etc (easy stuff).

I just cant find good diagrams! Google search results come up with the right title, but the description of the image is always for a different car. We need the right to repair law.

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High fan suggests an issue at the mass airflow sensor or one of the temperature sensors isn't agreeing with the other.

What is the CEL code? This will give us a LOT more to go on.
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