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This site is full of information and I been looking through many of the threads. But, thought it would be helpful to post my situation and hope that people could chime in with there thoughts, comments or insights.

Currently, I have a very clean 2004 Honda Civic HX. It has been a great car and consistently gets me around 38 MPG during the winter and 40-42 during the summer in the Seattle area.

If I am going to make purchase now it will either be the Cruze Eco or Elantra GLS with a manual transmission. However, I still have a few questions about Chevy and the Cruze:
- I have owned Hondas for over 20 years and this is the first time that I am considering a Chevrolet since the 80’s. GM is sort of renewed, but I have to admit I am a bit concerned the old dealership network has remained. Anyone have any insight on this one?

No, sorry.

-Can I or should I expect the Cruze quality to be on par with my Honda?

The cruze is nothing like any of the late 90's early 2000 gm vehicles. The quality of the Cruze is excellent and it seems GM has put a lot of effort into making this a great car for an economy price tag.

-Is it reasonable to expect the same level of service as I received from Honda?
I would think so.

-Based on some of the comments on a few of the threads it seems there is an expectation that the car value will not hold. Is this strictly based on Chevrolet past or are there other factors?

Not sure

- Are there any fuel mileage improvements for the manual transmission models in 2012?

As far as I know only improvement was on the auto. Note though the Eco manual easily exceeds the EPA 42 mpg highway if you drive it right. My last tank was 42.7 MPG with a mix of city/highway. Average speed was 49 km/h. This tank I am on now is getting 52 MPG with an average speed of 89 km/h

-Is there anything special that has to be done during the motor break-in period since the motor has a turbo?


-According to the 2012 order guide for the Cruze the NAV may be an available option. Any idea on the cost? Also does anyone know if the price is going up again for the Cruze with model year 2012?

Not sure.

-One dealer has ordered the color and options that I want (exterior: black and interior: Black/sport red) and according to the order number they provided it is has a current status of 4B00 “Your car is bayed and is waiting for transportation by truck, rail or transfer to vendor”. However, it seems like it may be a bad time to buy a car right now with the shortage of smaller cars due to the gas prices. Is there any advantage or reason(s) that I should purchase one now rather than wait for the 2012s and potentially rebates or discounts to reappear later this year?

There isn't to much changing between the 2011 and 2012. Some colors being dropped from what I hear. I have read however that GM/Ford will be doing away with all of these rebates so you may be better off to buy now while some still exist.

-Anyone have any insight on the best way to negoiate a good deal for my car as a trade-in?

Personally I just went straight to the salesman and told him what I wanted. I test drove the vehicle at a different dealership. I then went into the dealership I bought the car off of, walked up to the salesman and made him an offer and said I would sign the papers right away. I say price was my only concern and once we had a deal I would test drive. I gave him my price and the options I wanted and we worked it out from there.

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you can always tell about the person by looking at what they drive. if i was to see anyone driving a Hyundai, my first thought would be that they are japanese. second, they have no style. third, they must have good income for if ever there needs repaired. and fourth, why not buy american made?
1.) Hyundai was founded in South Korea not Japan. It is now much more global with plants all over the world including USA/Canada.

2.) I personally think the new Hyundai's have a lot of style and the Sonata is a better looking car than the Cruze. I picked my cruze for its other reasons.

3.) The price to repair foreign vs domestic has come down substantially. In fact your Cruze is quite likely more foreign than some Hyundai's or so called "Japanese" cars. The Cruze was designed by GM Korea and the engineering was done by Opel which has no locations any where in North America. So hate to break it to you but GM and Hyundai and all of the other larger car companies are now global. The whole domestic vs. import is starting to fade away. Sure they may have started in one country or have headquarters in one country but they are global companies supporting employee's and factories, and design teams world wide. As well as selling there vehicles world wide. If I remember right the Cruze has 8-10 production facilities world wide.
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