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If you read the forums on the Elantra, and take a look at fuelly, you will noticed that the Cruze Eco gets better mpg then the Elantra on average. That being said….

- I have owned Hondas for over 20 years and this is the first time that I am considering a Chevrolet since the 80’s. GM is sort of renewed, but I have to admit I am a bit concerned the old dealership network has remained. Anyone have any insight on this one?

-- I have not had much need to go to the GM dealerships. My Cavalier (lease) did not go in once in the 3 years I had it. With the Cruze, so far my experience had been good. They are really concerned with “their score card” and seem to be doing everything needed to get you to rate them good.

-Can I or should I expect the Cruze quality to be on par with my Honda?

-- Yes. My best MPG on a tank has been 46, that was 95% city. I do drive conservatively now (never did before this car) mainly because I decided if I was going to buy an car like this I would make it work for me. I do a lot of coasting/light predicting and slow accels. More aggressive driving I get 36 – 38 mpg city.

-Is it reasonable to expect the same level of service as I received from Honda?

-- Unknown

-Based on some of the comments on a few of the threads it seems there is an expectation that the car value will not hold. Is this strictly based on Chevrolet past or are there other factors?

-- 2010 Cobalt and the 2010 Elantra hold equally relative depreciation values related to original price. I suspect they will continue if not improve.

- Are there any fuel mileage improvements for the manual transmission models in 2012?
-Is there anything special that has to be done during the motor break-in period since the motor has a turbo?

-- No

-According to the 2012 order guide for the Cruze the NAV may be an available option. Any idea on the cost? Also does anyone know if the price is going up again for the Cruze with model year 2012?

-- A lot???

-One dealer has ordered the color and options that I want (exterior: black and interior: Black/sport red) and according to the order number they provided it is has a current status of 4B00 “Your car is bayed and is waiting for transportation by truck, rail or transfer to vendor”. However, it seems like it may be a bad time to buy a car right now with the shortage of smaller cars due to the gas prices. Is there any advantage or reason(s) that I should purchase one now rather than wait for the 2012s and potentially rebates or discounts to reappear later this year?

-- GM sales are up, even though they have decreased the amount of reward programs. I suspect they will only appear again if sales slump considerably. In addition, 2012 gas prices are predicted to be higher than 2011, so small car / good efficiency is likely to continue to be in shortage.

-Anyone have any insight on the best way to negoiate a good deal for my car as a trade-in?

-- Kelly blue book it, look at some private local sales and go from there. You may want to consider selling it outright.

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I used fuelly as an example, looking at the elantra upper side peak, there is one at 35 mpg. On there Cruze there is one at 40 and 41 MPG. I am going to say for this example there is a 6 mpg difference on average between the Elantra and the Cruze.

So for an example the difference between 34 mpg (elantra avg) and 40 mpg (Eco avg), @ 14000 miles a year.

14000/34 = 412 gal
14000/40 = 350 gal

Difference is 62 gallons, or 208 a year at 4$ a gallon. Over 5 years that is 1000 right there. Just something to consider.

Also, you are looking at a 31 hp difference with better fuel economy.
Something else to consider.

The manual trans and auto for the elantra are rated at the same MPG, the gear ratio on the cruse MT is better for gears 4, 5, 6. So your getting a trans geared toward better fuel economy.

Suspension is better on the Cruze, as are the rim and tires. Its more then just a sportier car, it’s a more efficiently designed car.

The elantra has a sportier look IMO, has more room as it is a mid size car. Seats are more comfortable partly because they are bigger, and because elantra did a really nice job.

So I think the question is …

How important is MPG to you, as the Eco really exceeds at this, and does so in a heavier car giving it a more planted feel and a higher HP engine with turbo.

Is the Cruze front seats comfortable, or are the Elantra more to your liking? You’re the one driving. How important is the back seat to you? If the Elantra is more comfortable, you may want that.

Comfort or MPG and Price difference seems to be the main questions.
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