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2014 LTZ 1.4L Turbo ~ 60k miles.

My original factory OEM coil pack failed around 55k miles. Two of the ports were deeply corroded. I replaced it with an aftermarket coil, and the car ran fine for about 2 months.
To be clear, the new coil pack included new rubber boots and new springs?

Any ideas?
I'm thinking wiring. Inspect very closely the connector going to the coil pack. Look at the wires going in to be sure one or more are not frayed or making poor contact. Examine the mating side of the connector to be sure the contacts make a good connection with the coil pack. Trace the wiring harness back to be sure it's not rubbing against anything which may have damaged it. Trace it back to the computer.

With that many coil packs, I'm pretty sure it's upstream of there. Most failures are wiring - the computers are pretty robust. That said, if the cable is in good shape, and the coil pack is good, then it's time to consider the computer. But look closely at the wiring first.


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