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HELP Passenger Side Rear Taillight Housing for 2017

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So yesterday I was taking my wifes work stuff out of the trunk and I noticed that the Passenger Side Rear Taillight Housing has a chip out of the corner of it. :banghead: Like it snapped off and is gone. So I got super pissed and started to investigate some more. There are NO scratches or anything around it like something was backed into or anything like that. There is no indication anywhere around it on on the light that there was some sort of impact in rear of car to cause it. Nothing on the back of the car at ALL. So I was thinking maybe the trunk got closed to hard all sorts of things. Regardless I have no clue how that could have happened and I'm SUPER PISSED because now my beautiful Cruze has a defect. :excl: I love the car, in fact I see the regular Cruzes around Nashville TN all the time however I have yet to see another 2017 Cruze Hatchback at all anywhere I have gone sense I have had the car.

anyway now to the point of my post, I just had to rant a second cus i'm sooo upset/angry cus of that chip :sad010:

I can not find anywhere online that sells Replacement housing for any 2017 Cruze not to mention for the 2017 Cruze Hatchback.

So I figured Id ask on here to my new Chevy Cruze friends and see if anyone knows of any place I got find a Passenger Rear Taillight Housing for my Beautiful 2017 Chevy Cruze LT RS edition HATCHBACK

Any help would be great.
I cant find 2017 anything online for Cruze, not to mention for the hatchback, its like it doesn't exist because it is so new.

Thank you guys sooooo Much.

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I checked a couple on on-line parts stores. It doesn't look promising. Perhaps because the 2017 model year is still new.

Complicating things, I'm not sure if the hatchback has a different assembly. You may be stuck going to the dealer if you want it anytime soon.
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