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Misinterpreted push to start, how about roll down my driveway to start, put it in 3rd gear, ignition in run, ease out the clutch, engine starts, then shift down to 2nd to take off.

Pushing or pulling a vehicle use to be very common to get a vehicle started, real bumpers, even with an AT, had the hydraulic pump driven by the driveshaft, but had to hit 30 mph before the engine would turn over. That soon became history when they moved that pump to the engine side. Also gave a 50 mile limit when towing, but even less than that, without that pump running, transmission was not getting lubed.

Only way to start these things was with a good starter and battery.

Guess with these proximity remotes all different, with that Cmax in Italy, the key had to be in the ignition and in the run position, did have a MT and that start button. But occasionally killed the engine getting frustrated with a dozen inlets and outlets on those roundabouts. On this thing, hitting that start button didn't work, had to switch off the key and switch it back on again for the starter.

Doors would lock and unlock within about ten feet, had fun with that, step in a foot, would unlock, move out a foot and would lock again, so did a dance and got rhythm in the background. Kid's T&C is different, can keep his remote in his pocket and just hit the start button, walk away, still locks. But if you walk close to this thing to check all four doors to make darn sure they are locked, it will unlock. So you have to leave the remote on the ground.

When these things get a couple of years old, may learn that all your doors are NOT locked, but then its time to trade it off for a new one. Should look at these things, use a permanent magnet DC motor driving a plastic pinion to a plastic rack. If you hit these with 12 Volts, and leave it on, the motor is stalled one way or the other and will very quickly burn out. To prevent this the BCM times the pulse, but if they get sluggish, that time isn't long enough so they won't lock. Can't even use a real carbon brush, just a couple of berkelium tangs that can break off for commutator contact. As that plastic ages, gets brittle, and can easily break, in particular in very cold weather.

So much for convenience.
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